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Treating Your Facial Eczema Fast

May 31, 2017 Comments Off on Treating Your Facial Eczema Fast

Anyone who has suffered from facial eczema would tell you how it becomes unignorable. Eczema itself is painful and uncomfortable, not to mention that it makes your skin very unsightly. It is indicated by red blotches on your skin that may sometimes bleed; of course anyone who has marks like these on their face would feel truly self-conscious. But other than looking awful, this condition can be very dangerous to your health. Anytime the skin breaks out, it becomes more vulnerable to germs, bacteria, and other harmful organisms that the skin is supposed to keep out from the body. This then translates to being susceptible to infection that may attack on the skin and other body organs as well.

So the question stays: how do you treat facial eczema? Most often the treatment solution for eczema and dermatitis is the same as that of rashes that appear on other parts of the body.  In many cases, it is brought about by sensitivity to any elements that irritate the skin. This is a common cause for facial eczema as the face is exposed to too many chemicals and it is most often abused as well. Just imagine what it would be like for the skin to have that sharp razor blade slid on it every day and with all facial hair ripped off with wax strips and the many chemicals that you apply on it as make-up. Even colognes and perfumes are harsh chemicals as they conatin high levels of alcohol. Lotions and creams that are used on it also have preservatives that are harmful to the skin and can cause this kind of eczema.

You may not want to stop removing your facial hair but you need to change the way you do it. For men who shave for example it would be better to use after shave lotion thats good for sensitive skin. You would have to replace the blade regularly and make sure that they are not in a location which makes them rust fast. For women who pluck or wax, they should be using skin products that are good for sensitive skin. Some of these waxing products are less harsh to the skin. For both and women, always use moisturizer for follow-up. Men should replace the moisture thats gone when they shave. All products that you use on the facial skin should be for sensitive skin types. Some of these facial products may have harsh ingredients that irritate the face so you better read labels well. Also dont use cologne and perfumes near the face and neck.

For cases of severe eczema, you should not think twice about going to the doctor. He or she can prescribe to you creams that may not cause dermatitis or worsen it, clog your skin pores, and wont even give you that blotchy look when youre wearing make-up. Ignoring your facial eczema makes it even more dangerous but it can be properly treated when you talk to a physician.

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