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Natural Remedies for Eczema – Natural Remedy for Eczema

May 31, 2017 Comments Off on Natural Remedies for Eczema – Natural Remedy for Eczema

Not all eczema sufferers fall back on medical treatments to get rid of their condition. There are natural alternatives that in many cases are gentler, safer and preferred over chemical procedures. There are three methods that can help you fight eczema and find that relieve from your symptoms that you’ve been wanting.


What you sometimes have for breakfast? Yep, oatmeal, which has lots of beneficial properties that maybe you didn’t know yet.

Since ancient Egyptian times it’s been used to remedy skin problems and it has the ability to keep you healthy on the inside as well as on the outside. It contains four pro-skin elements: proteins, polysaccharides, saponins and fats that combined help protect, moisturize, cleanse and lubricate your skin.

Did you know that oatmeal baths aren’t exclusive to chicken-pox sufferers? A nice oatmeal bath is one of the ways you can relieve your symptoms and keep your skin healthy. Just take four cups (two if it’s for a child) of raw oats and process them until they become a fine powder. Pour this powder in warm water (not hot) as it’s running into your bathtub. Relax in the water for about 15 minutes and then rinse yourself off with clean, warm water afterwards. As you dry yourself try not to rub the skin too much with your towel so that you can preserve the oats.

Natural Cleansers

It’s true that when you suffer from eczema, lots of facial cleansers you find in stores can be harsh on your skin, which is why you should choose a natural alternative.

White oak, elm and comfrey root combined can make a good cleanser and reliever of symptoms, calming itches and swelling. It can additionally be used on children and babies.

White oak contains plenty of vitamin B12 and minerals that are great for your skin such as zinc which also reduces inflammation.

Slippery elm has a lot of tannins such as cleansers found in oats. These cleaners have the power to eliminate germs and also reduce swelling generated in infected areas.

Comfrey root has been used for centuries in curing wounds and calming inflammation. It also accelerates cell growth, diminishing the risk of leaving scars.

One remedy you can try is a natural skin wash using these three ingredients. Mix a teaspoon of white oak bark, a teaspoon of slippery elm bark, a teaspoon of comfrey root and combine in two cups of water. Mix it well and heat the mixture over medium flame until it boils for half an hour. Remove the mixture from the heat and let it completely cool. Strain out the solids and use the liquid that remains to wash your face.

Healing Moisturizer

Moisturizing your skin is as important as cleansing it. The lotions that are available on the market can’t properly do the job for you since many of them contain harmful components that can trigger a reaction and worsen your condition. But don’t worry, there are natural treatments that are better!

One alternative is a natural moisturizer made from blueberry leaf and licorice extracts. Blueberry leaf contains a powerful component that prevents the spread of germs, therefore reducing the risks of a second infection. It also soothes swelling and calms itches.

Licorice extract rapidly reduces redness and swelling and is known to relieve pain from lesions like the ones produced by eczema.

If you’re worried about the recipe, it’s not something to fret about. You can purchase creams and lotions that contain these extracts at stores, and if you already have a favorite lotion, just add the extracts to it and get positive results. To do this, pour the usual amount of lotion in the palm of your hand and add 2 drops of blueberry extract, then 1-2 drops of licorice extract. You can now apply the lotion as you normally would. For severe outbreaks, use a more concentrated amount of licorice extract.

Other beneficial creams should be free of dyes, oils and fragrances, with good options being those that contain aloe vera and zinc.

There are many more natural recipes to treat eczema and if you want to know more about them, check out the e-book Vanish Eczema for additional and detailed information.

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