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Hand Eczema Treatment Tips

May 31, 2017 Comments Off on Hand Eczema Treatment Tips

Do you have hand eczema?

If you do, then you know it is one of the most irritating locations of eczema due to the constant use of your hands.

Out of the multiple types of eczema, hand eczema is by far one of the most common.

Hand eczema is not actually a specific type of eczema like atopic eczema or discoid eczema but is more named for the location that it occurs, the hands.

Dont feel alone as a hand eczema sufferer

Hand eczema is a large category affecting 10% of the American population and is often caused by occupation-related irritants.

Im sure I dont have to tell you how difficult hand eczema treatment can be due to the fact that we use are hands continually, and just treating hand eczema symptoms will not permanently cure your eczema.

Because of this excessive use of the hands, hand eczema can become severe.

Women and men who work with their hands in the occupations of nursing and hair dressing often develop hand eczema due to the fact of continually immersing their hands in water which can be a common irritant.

Those of us who work in an industry that requires the wearing of gloves also experience high incidences of hand eczema.

Common characteristics or symptoms of hand eczema:

Dry and chafed hands (early stage).

Red, scaly, and inflamed patches can then develop.

Blisters or vesicles that itch may form and can also weep, “break”, and then crust.

If you are wondering what causes your hand eczema, it does not have a specific cause but does occur in those who have a tendency to hereditary-type atopic reactions.

Another common irritant as mentioned above is water which plays a significant role in removing the natural skin oil barrier.

Your hand eczema can also be triggered by allergens such as scents or fragrances in detergents, skin care products, jewelry, and more.

An example of a common irritant found in jewelry is nickel.

Below are some hand eczema treatment tips for prevention which are key to controlling hand eczema symptoms.

Tip #1

Applying moisturizers to lock in moisture and soften hand skin is essential and should be applied several times throughout the day, paying special attention to apply immediately after shower or bath time.

Keeping a supply of your moisturizer with you when you are away from your home will help in keeping the application of the moisturizer more regular.

Tip #2

Avoid All Allergens and Irritants. Once an allergen is identified, it should be avoided at all costs.

A journal is a handy tool to use to keep track of what causes an eczema flare up. An allergist will often advise you to keep a journal as well.

A patch test given by an allergist can also identify possible allergens as well.

Tip #3

Occupational Changes. If your occupation or job “causes” your hand eczema to flare up, changing work habits will help eliminate flare ups.

Once again, knowing what conditions at work cause your eczema break out is crucial. A journal can help here as well.

What can you do to avoid constant water immersion? Do you wear work gloves? Rubber or latex allergy?

While controlling your exposure to possible allergens and irritants will help to control your eczema symptoms, it will not cure or get rid of your eczema completely.

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