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Eczema Home Remedies For Effective Eczema Relief

May 31, 2017 Comments Off on Eczema Home Remedies For Effective Eczema Relief

Eczema is one of the most irritable things that could ever plague your body. The inflamed, flaky patches of skin on your head often appear suddenly and without warning, leaving you scratching your head wondering how you got it and how to treat. Instead of wasting money on expensive proscribed medications, there are a multitude of steps you can take from the comfort of your own home.

Eczema strikes people from all walks of life and of all ages and can be a source of absolute misery and constant irritation. Doctors typically prescribe a steroid based cream which does not treat the problem for many patients. There are many cheaper and potential more effective alternatives to treat this awful blistering and itching. If you are suffering from eczema, whether it’s a recent occurrence or a lifelong battle, follow these steps.

Alter Your Diet

Switch your diet from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to a relatively more wholesome diet consistently of organically grown fresh nuts, fruits and vegetables, particularly in their raw form. Foods that contain fatty omega acids such as salmon and other fishes are also highly recommended. Increase your consumption of Zinc, B complex, Fish Oils and Grape Juice, which are all known to be great eczema home remedies.

Avoid Any Eczema Aggravating Circumstances

Clothing fabrics, dish detergents, changing weather conditions and so forth are known to worsen the symptoms of eczema. Avoid wearing itchy synthetic fabrics or wools if you know that you are susceptible to eczema. This is because such fabrics can irritate any dry and itchy skin even more than they already are which is caused by the clothing fabric being rubbed and scrapped against one’s skin. One must also avoid alcohol or perfume based lotions. Check their ingredients list specifically for these, as perfumes are often alcohol based and alcohol dries ones skin even more.

Try To Get an Allergy Test

Getting an allergy test can often be a cumbersome, painful hassle but if you have tried everything else under the sun and still don’t know how to treat your eczema, you need to get an allergy test to ascertain which foods, animals, plants, trees or even carpet types might be the trigger for your Eczema flare-ups.

Keep a Journal If You Cannot Afford an Allergy Test

Keep a written journal of everything you wear, eat and what you do on each and every day. Make sure to include any and all products you come into contact with such as dish washing detergents, beverages and so forth and any kinds of plants or notable weather conditions. Then note how your eczema was feeling that day, and what times or days you felt the need to itch. You will eventually begin to notice patterns in this, which allow you to begin to self-diagnose.

Try Out Natural Supplements

Virgin Coconut Oil is a known remedy for the dry skin of eczema. It contains Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) which are fatty acids that are a great source of nourishment for your eczema suffering skin.

You can also find natural kelp supplements in your pharmacy or health stores. Natural kelp supplements help to reduce your acidity levels.

Apply neem oil based creams, as they are known to be very effective for eczema. You may need to venture into a Whole Foods or other natural foods store in order to find it. Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller is another compound featured in a wide array of products that is known to help Eczema.

Soak Yourself in Bentonite Clay and Kelp

This may sound like overkill at first, but this eczema home remedy is a great treatment for chronic sufferers of severe eczema. Infuse both with water and soak your body in it. Take a bath in colloidal oatmeal before massaging your limbs with calendula extract mixed in with castor oil afterwards. Wrap your hands afterwards in plastic bags for an hour or two to keep the skin and the cracks in them as soft as possible.

Add Milk and Little Bit of Almond Oil to a Lukewarm Bath

Make the bath as cold as you can bathe in comfortably and soak yourself in it up until your fingers begin to prune up. Now rinse yourself before exiting the bath tub by try to avoid rubbing your afflicted regions of skin. Try patting yourself dry after baths in order to avoid tearing your frail newly forming skin. Basically treat your eczema afflicted skin as babies.

Wash Your Hands Every Hour

Regularly re-moisturizing your hands and applying a light hand sanitizer is essential. This is because every time you touch your eczema, bacteria may get inside. However is you wash your hands too often it can dry them too much. There is considerable controversy over whether washing aids or hurts your treatment of eczema. Try it out and if it seems to be making your eczema worse than discontinue doing so. This is one eczema home remedy where you mileage may vary. Do not however try using “waterless” hand washes in the place of water and hand sanitizer, as the alcohol that they are based on will dry out your skin and aggravate your eczema.

Try Using Collodial Oatmeal and Coconut Butter Lotion As An Eczema Home Remedy

These two home remedies moisturize and soothe eczema afflicted skin without clogging your own pores. This treatment can be used for all types of eczema, to cure itchiness, dryness and scaling skin. This is why its used regularly by many people who find other treatments may be too harsh for their skin to handle.

Apply Vaseline or similar products to the Eczema Affected Areas

Vaseline has a never ending number of potential uses, and treating eczema is just one of them. Vaseline can be very greasy, and if that concerns you the Intensive Care version is less so. Vaseline can eradicate dry skin after only being applied for two days. Crocodile or Alligator Oil and Aquaphor are also great alternatives to Vaseline.

These home remedies for eczema are a great way to avoid paying for costly steroid based treatments for eczema. By addressing the triggers of eczema and the underlying cause of dryness, eczema home remedies can cure you of your symptoms.

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