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About us has been created specifically to address one of the most common and yet overlooked skin conditions affecting millions of people worldwide today. We know and understand that the key to reducing eczema problems lies in educating the public as to the causes, effects and ultimately the available eczema treatments and cures that have the potential to change lives.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a unique one-stop-shop whereby a eczema sufferer can learn all they need to know about the condition and gain access to some of the most powerful and gentle treatment products on the market today.

While we are not certified medical professionals, our founder has spent many years working in the pharmaceutical advertising and medical education sectors and as such has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the problems faced by sufferers in a wide variety of therapy areas. One of the key products of this experience is the understanding that there are many great pharmaceutical products out there BUT that they don’t work for everybody, and moreover many people simply do not like using pharmaceuticals and prefer a more natural approach to their treatment.

That is why we source all of our products from only highly-reputed providers, who in their turn often insist on using only the finest natural, herbal or organic ingredients. We take great pride in scouring the world to bring to the public a range of eczema treatments and cures that have already been proven effective by the experience of many people throughout the world.

Our core mission is to:

Offer free and impartial information on all types of eczema

Provide access to treatment and relief through a range of top-level eczema treatments and cures

Educate the public about one of the most common skin complaints in the world

Help increase awareness of eczema by encouraging discussion, debate and exchange of views

We believe that achieving all of the above will make the favourite place for eczema sufferers, their relatives and friends and a source of inspiration and effective treatments and cures for the condition. Our constant aim is to provide a comprehensive resource site and we will always work hard to ensure that it contains all the information you might need, although our doors are always open for questions, suggestions and advice.

We thank you for choosing and we look forward to bringing you information, support, advice and ultimately the relief from eczema that you are looking for.